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TWD: Split Level Pudding October 6, 2009

I have to confess that I really haven’t been baking lately.  I don’t know if it’s a combination of being busy or lazy or if it’s because in an effort to lose a few pounds I’ve just been staying away.  Or maybe it’s because my pumpkin doughnuts were just so darn good I can’t top them.

Whatever the reason, I still had my Tuesdays with Dorie to do.  I missed lack week I was busy and didn’t really manage my time well.  Since I don’t want to get kicked out, I figured I”d better get baking.

The Bottom Level

The Bottom Level

As it turns out, this weeks recipe doesn’t need to be baked.  Garrett of Flavor of Vanilla ( picked Split Level Pudding — a nice vanilla pudding on top of a layer of chocolate ganache.   Mmmmm…I think I can handle that.

I just finished making these puddings.  They are really quite fun but I do think that the vanilla pudding was a bit fussy to make.  First you have to blend the eggs and sugar and then add the hot milk and then put it all back on the stove to thicken and then back to the food processor to blend in the butter and vanilla.  It just seemed to me that there had to be an easier, less fussy way to do this.  As my head is in a bit of a fog right now, this was not the time for me to find out.  No experimenting for me — just the straight up recipe as written by Dorie.

I was a little worried about the pudding not being thick enough.  Actually…I am still worried, as I have yet to actually try this pudding.  I did taste it while it was warm (yum!) but it seemed a bit loose.  I am hoping that chilling it will firm it up a bit.  I’m really quite excited about trying this tonight.  I think that the hidden gem of ganache underneath will really complement the vanilla pudding.

I hope I can wait that long…

The Top Level

The Top Level

A little extra vanilla pudding I saved for the girls

A little extra vanilla pudding I saved for the girls


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