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Tuesdays with Dorie: Brownie Buttons and Tempations August 11, 2009

Brownie Rounds 013

My second week with Dorie and imagine my delight in getting to make something chocolate.  Brownies, no less.  Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen, who chose these little gems, must really know her stuff.

Note to self:  peruse Jayma’s blog (!

I was excited to try these Brownie Buttons even though I am the self-proclaimed best brownie baker in the world and have the best recipe imaginable (hey, Howie agrees with me)!  Still, I am open-minded and love trying anything new.

Seeing that these were little bit-sized brownies reminded me of a cute little pan I saw.  It was made for brownies and was just like mini-muffins, only square-shaped instead of round.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make an investment of this pan.  Especially since I had a 50% off coupon for Michaels.  I got the kids in the car and started to go.  Only I got to thinking.  Do I really need this pan?  Will I use it enough to warrant its use of my precious cabinet space?  Or would it too end up in my garage sale pile next to the Popsicle-shaped cake pan and the Twinkie-shaped pan?  Hmmm….alas, I decided it was not worth it and very reluctantly turned my car around and went to do some other shopping that actually was necessary.  Uh…that was hard but even at 50% off it seemed like a waste.  Of course, I still have that coupon and now I’m bhaving second thoughts.  Let’s hope I can stay strong.

But I’m off the subject now…let’s get back

These little brownies are so easy to make and come out just adorable using a plain old mini-muffin pan.  Ella decided to help me make them.  You may remember that she’s my chef, not my baker, so I a bit surprised she wanted to help.  I think it was her way of apologizing for being a bit, um,  shall we say…difficult when we were at the store earlier.  She was a huge help and other than melting the chocolate could probably have made the whole recipe without me.

The recipe calls for adding orange zest.  I did not plan for that so I didn’t have an orange.  Funny, since I almost bought one at the store the other day.  I must have been trying to tell myself something.  Luckily, this was optional and I don’t feel like I was missing anything by leaving it out.  Although Ella, who loves to grate and zest things, was a bit disappointed.  The recipe also called for bittersweet chocolate which I also didn’t have so I used 2 ounces of semisweet and a half of unsweetened.  As far as I could tell this didn’t affect the outcome at all.  The brownies turned out nice and moist and just the right amount of sweet and a whole lot delicious.

These are the perfect little sweet treat for after school or for dessert after lunch with friends.  Perhaps you have company for tea and want a little something sweet — these are just the thing.  Dipping the brownies into white chocolate dresses them up a bit and makes them extra special.  They definitely seem like more trouble than they are — which is such a nice thing.  It’s good to have easy little treats like these that still seem like something special in you repertoire.

So even if these Brownie Rounds did present me with a tempation or two (considering I probably shouldn’t eat anymore of them since I’ve already eaten most of them by myself), they are totally worth it.

Note: I’m new to Tuesdays with Dorie, so I’m not sure whether or not I’m supposed to post the recipes.  If you’d like the recipe for Brownie Buttons, please click on the link above for Two Scientist Experimenting in the Kitchen.  Thanks!