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The Ultimate Comfort Food…No Bake Cookies March 10, 2009

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Ahhh...I don't really need to say more.

Ahhh...I don't really need to say more.

Yes, I know it’s ironic that the first post on my baking blog is about cookies you don’t even bake.  I don’t care.  I love these cookies.  They are kind of staple when it’s late and I need a chocolate fix.  My mom used to make these all the time so they remind me of growing up.  In fact, I still have the bowl my mom used to measure the oatmeal.  I can’t make No Bake Cookies without it.  Sometimes, we would run out of oatmeal but we’d make them anyway.  Only we’d pour the mixture onto a plate and turn it into fudge.  Occasionally we’d cook it wrong and it would turn out wierd.  It still tasted good, so we’d just pour it the same plate and eat it with a spoon.  I know that everyone has their own recipe for No Bake Cookies.  Mine is the best.  So here it is.  



Amy’s (okay, Amy’s Mom’s) No Bake Cookies

2 cups sugar

1 stick butter (it MUST be butter)

3 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/2 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup peanut butter

3 cups oatmeal

Place the sugar, butter, cocoa, milk, and vanilla in a saucepan and place over medium-high heat.  When mixture comes to a boil, boil for 2 minutes exactly.  Turn off heat and add peanut butter.  Once peanut butter melts, stir in the oatmeal.  Get a spoonful of the mixture.  Blow on it.  Eat it while it’s warm.  Get a clean spoon and drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto waxed paper, a silpat sheet, or a clean counter sprayed with cooking spray.  Let harden (if you can) and eat with a glass of cold milk.   Enjoy!